With Arnold Schwartzenegger out of office and looking for acting work, it was only a matter of time until studios started coming out of the woodwork to try and get him attached to some of his old properties. But while I doubt that Christopher Nolan is going to have the inclination to hire Schwarzenegger to play Mr. Freeze in The Dark Knight Rises, one franchise always looking for more sequels is The Terminator.

Deadline is reporting that with the actor's greenlight to his agents has sparked an interest in making a fourth sequel to James Cameron's 1984 sci-fi classic. One studio particularly interested is Universal, who is trying to find a directing gig for Justin Lin, who recently wrapped work on his third The Fast and the Furious movie. The news outlet has learned that the plan is to pair Lin up with writer Chris Morgan, who scripted not only Lin's three F&F movies, but also Wanted and the upcoming Keanu Reeves action flick 47 Ronin. The rights to the franchise are currently owned by hedge fund Pacificor, who purchased them last February.

I can't say that I'm too surprised by this news. Even when Schwarzenegger wasn't available for Terminator: Salvation they built a CGI version of him. There is no Terminator franchise without Ahnuld. That said, do we really need or even want another movie? The last film made significantly less than what was projected, though I'm sure someone out there will chock that up to lack of Schwarzenegger. At the very least we can be thankful that McG won't be returning

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