The news in The LA Times this morning is that Warner Bros. is making the very obvious decision to remake The Wizard of Oz, with two in-development projects potentially to choose from. One is the long-discussed Todd McFarlane one (you can read more about that here), and the other would be a more traditional take, in development at New Line.

But before you get ready to pelt the WB lot with ruby red slippers, Collider has some words of caution for you. Both projects are in development, yes, but apparently there hasn't been movement on either in over a year; it's unclear what motivated The LA Times to write the article, though Collider describes it simply as "hit-whoring."

The thing that could change all of this, of course, is Alice in Wonderland, which made a mint for Disney last weekend by repurposing a familiar childhood story in a new way. That might make it even easier for McFarlane's dark take to make it to the screen, given that no one seemed all that upset when Burton tinkered with the original Alice details. It seems that the LA Times recognized the potential for an Oz redo in the wake of Alice's success, and ran a story on the in-development projects even if nothing's happening with them. Like the LA Times, I would expect movement on at least one of these very soon.

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