Now we move into the serious section of the trailer, where things inevitably start to go wrong for our hero. The real Jordan Belfort enjoyed a quick rise to power and an even quicker fall. The freakout scene is a much more common element of the typical DiCaprio playbook, especially in a Scorsese movie ("way of the future, way of the future"), but that doesn't make this one any less briefly impressive.

But let's all agree- this dance is the secret DiCaprio talent that he's somehow been hiding from us all these years. More, please. Forever.

And this is the moment that I think Scorsese included specifically to become a gif. It's the new Dramatic Chipmunk.

Somewhere in this montage of things going downhill, Jonah Hill eats a goldfish. You might be scarred for life by this gif, but that's what Scorsese wants, so that's what he gets.

Finally, we've got the scene that really can only be appreciated in full, with Matthew McConaughey's weird noises and the eerie silence that takes over once the Kanye song is done. But after you've appreciated the full version with audio, this gif will keep you happy company all day.

The Wolf of Wall Street opens November 15. You could say we're pretty excited for it.

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