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Wolverine 3 is less than a year from release, which means more information is starting to come out about its character lineup. Hugh Jackman is, of course, playing the clawed mutant for the final time, Patrick Stewart is reprising Professor Charles Xavier and it was reported earlier this month that Narcos star Boyd Holbrook will portray the main villain. Now there’s word that the mutant X-23 is also being thrown into the mix.

Earlier this week, a casting call from New Orleans (via Comicbook.com) came out asking for "Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian looking females" varying from 4’-4’11’’ as stand-ins, as well as girls of the same ethnicity, but between 6-13 at around the same heights. It was unclear exactly who this was supposed to be, but now SuperheroHype is reporting that X-23 is making her cinematic debut in Wolverine 3, who would fit the above descriptions. If she is indeed involved in the production, then we may hear news about who’s been cast to play her in the coming weeks or months.

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Originally introduced in the animated series X-Men: Evolution, X-23 made the jump to the comics in 2004 with the same background as her animated counterpart. She was a clone created by the Weapon X program to replicate the success they had with Wolverine. As the number implies, she was the 23 attempt, as the the previous 22 were failures. Like her "father," she has a healing factor and her skeleton is laced with adamantium, and while she only has two claws on each hand rather than three, she can pop a third claw on each foot. She eventually broke free from the program, and although she has Wolverine’s same loner attitude, she’s been a member, she has fought with the X-Men and X-Force on many occasions. X-23 is currently serving as the Marvel universe’s Wolverine after her "dad’s" death in 2015.

While we don’t know yet how X-23 figures into Wolverine 3, it’s a good bet that her clone background will be retained. Wolverine 3’s story hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but since it takes place in the future, cloning technology could have been advanced to a point that Weapon X or a group continuing their work could have taken Wolverine’s genetic samples and created X-23. Perhaps she’s being created as a weapon to use against Wolverine, but after getting through her initial rage and ferocity, she’s becomes a good guy with Wolverine’s help. However, since Wolverine 3 is taking place years from now, it’s a mystery whether this would be X-23’s only movie appearance or if she could somehow be incorporated into future X-Men movies if they’re set around the same time period.

Wolverine 3 claws its way into theaters on March 3, 2017.