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After a whole lot of teases and even a director apology, our first look at The Wolverine is finally here. The trailer above debuted at a UK YouTube site, and below you can compare it to the domestic one, which bowed at Apple:

"It's an honor to meet the Wolverine." "That's not who I am anymore." Suffering from the pressure of immortality and hiding from his superpowers, Logan (Hugh Jackman) seems to be running away from it all at the start of this trailer… but of course, when you've got adamantium claws and a lot of people interested in your powers, that's not going to last for long. Director James Mangold has been clear about the movie finding Logan as "stripped clean of his own sense of purpose," comparing him to a samurai without a master. But does he find the purpose somehow, or end the movie only angrier and lost? This first look, int he true sense of a teaser, doesn't tell us either way.

By now it's clearly not a spoiler to talk about the brief appearance made by Jean Grey here, which is no clearer than it was in that quick look via Vine. It still seems clear to me that we're seeing her only to illustrate Logan's loneliness and pain, but does anyone think she might be playing a bigger role that we can't see yet?

You can click here to learn more about The Wolverine, and stay tuned for more discussion of what this all means!

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