As much as you may not want it to be true, a Wolverine sequel is still happening-- and a movie about robot boxing isn't going to get in its way. Superhero Hype! picked up on a video from backstage at the Peoples Choice Awards where Hugh Jackman talked a bit about the sequel, confirming the news that the sequel will be set in Japan, and saying "We shoot that probably in a year, year-and-a-half, something like that."

So shooting beginning in 2011 means a 2012 release or so, right? What's interesting is that the Wolverine sequel probably won't show up until after the Deadpool movie hits theaters (provided our predictions about a summer shoot turn out to be correct). If the "merc with a mouth"'s movie turns out to be better than Wolvy's, will we not even care about the muttonchopped warrior by the time the sequel shows up? Or will the three-year wait just give us time to forget how awful Wolverine was and prepare to line up once again, patient sheep in line for whatever Hollywood feeds us next. As much as I can hope for one outcome, I think you probably guess how this is going to go.

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