With shooting set to begin in just a few weeks, the blog Deep Said What (via Shock Till You Drop) came across one of the locations to be featured in Scream 4, Dearborn, Michigan’s Woodworth Middle School. The plan is to dress the build with a new façade. Why? So it’ll more closely resemble Woodsboro High from Scream because the building will be used for a flashback sequence.

As you can see in the image, the brickwork does look a lot like that of the Sonoma Community Center, the facility that starred as Woodsboro High in the first film. As STYD points out, Sonoma CC was Craven’s second choice for Woodsboro; he originally applied to use the Santa Rosa High School and struck a deal with the principal only to have the agreement revoked days before filming. Turns out the contract was merely verbal and when the school board decided the brutality of Scream might creep their students out, there was nothing Craven could do about it. Well, almost nothing. Craven threw this message in Scream’s closing credits, "And no thanks whatsoever to the Santa Rosa School Board."

So now back to this whole flashback concept; could it mean the Scream vets won’t meet a bloody end in the fourth film? Perhaps their involvement is restricted to these moments. Of course this is only speculation, but it’s certainly possible. Maybe the flashback will involve Lake Bell’s character who knew Sidney in her high school days. The character description does mention that Deputy Judy Hicks never made enough of an impression on Sid to remember, but possibly she’s got one instance buried deep in her memory when she and Hicks crossed paths and this could be it. Also, flashback or no flashback, if Scream 4 is about a new crop of Woodsboro High teens, wouldn’t you think they’d need to recreate the building anyway?

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