Much like how Martin Scorsese jumped from having Robert De Niro in all of his films and then working almost exclusively with Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen's career timeline can be broken up by the actresses deemed as his muses. From Diane Keaton to Mia Farrow to Scarlett Johansson, each one has made their own significant mark on his filmography. While the official story, from THR, is that Allen's next film will be made and set in Rome, there's also an interesting speculative story.

Following the release of the story on Twitter, Glee and I Am Number Four actress Dianna Agron retweeted the message, with a winking smiley face, possibly suggesting that she may be involved with the film. There is, however, some evidence to go against it. When another Twitter user read into Agron's tweet the same way I did, she responded "In dreams" with another winking smiley face. Furthermore, the story about Allen's new project says that he's still writing the script and that he is "too superstitious" to announce anything about the storyline or cast.

It's exactly this kind of vague weirdness that makes my job more difficult. I'm trying to report the new here, people! I am curious as to what you guys make of it, though. Yay or nay on Dianna Agron in the new Woody Allen film? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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