The Expendables III
Sylvester Stallone unites a group of aging action stars for one last ride, even though they've been written off for years now. You are...

The San Antonio Spurs
You saw this one coming, didn't you? Tim Duncan has been everyone's favorite pick to run out of gas, but at 37 he's still leading the Spurs to the best record in the league. It's not a one-to-one comparison: the presence of guys like Mel Gibson reminds Spurs fans of that time Glenn Robinson signed with the team, played five minutes a game, and rode the bench to a championship. But these guys are no doubt aged past their primes. Tony Parker is not unlike the Jason Statham of the group, a relative spring chicken compared to the others but still racking up some serious mileage. And during last year's playoffs, Manu Ginobili was looking like modern day Arnold Schwarzenegger out there, which made it more surprising when he went and had a marvelous '13-'14 season. Age is nothing but a number.

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