Meanwhile Duncan Jones is no Steven Spielberg (yet), but he's an up and coming director of obvious talent with strong ties to the geek community which is most likely to turn up to see a Warcraft movie. He's directed two critically acclaimed sci-fi movies, thus far, in the independently produced Moon and the 2011 blockbuster Source Code. Check out a two samples of his work embedded below...

Official Trailer For Moon

Official Trailer For Source Code

What do you guys think? Do the positive reports about the Warcraft movie's Comic-Con footage convince you one way or another? Hop into the comments and let us know, and stay tuned for much more from this epic day of news in Hall H. If the World of Warcraft test footage itself makes its way online in any legal way-- we're not hopeful, but you never know-- we'll have it for you here as well. Director Jones tweeted a tease about a "gift" for his followers, but we're not going to get our hopes up for footage for the moment.

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