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UPDATE: Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham chimed in on Twitter to say, well, "it's not Godzilla." Who knows how much of the below story is true now, but Beacham would likely know if his script was being retrofitted for the giant lizard, so I'm going with him for now.

Another week, another story about a movie that Guillermo del Toro may or may not ever actually make. Mostly recently he announced he would be working with DreamWorks Animation as a consultant on a number of their upcoming films in addition to shepherding his own project, so you'd think that would keep him busy for a while, but no. Latino Review is reporting that not only is Legendary Pictures trying to put together a Godzilla reboot, but they've offered the project to Guillermo del Toro.

Let's back up a little. The entire project started as a pitch called Pacific Rim, planned by Clash of the Titans writer Travis Beacham as a giant event film about the planet banding together against an alien invasion. Meanwhile Legendary was trying to come up with a way to write a new Godzilla movie, because apparently when a decade or so goes by without a giant lizard movie, someone starts feeling too poor. And what's better than a promising pitch about aliens no one has ever heard of? Turning that pitch into a Godzilla movie. That's exactly what the Legendary folks have done, scrapping a Godzilla draft written by someone else and merging Pacific Rim into what they're looking for.

As for the del Toro bit, so far it's just an offer, and I really don't know what we can count on much coming from that-- the man, as I said, is busy. But by offering the project to such a high-profile director, even likely knowing he'll say no, Legendary may be stating their intentions for this project to be truly gigantic. Will they make it happen? Given how badly Roland Emmerich's Godzilla performed and how much money it lost, it may be a while before anyone wants to spend a true chunk of money on the giant lizard-- but never underestimate the world's appetite for seeing our landmarks get stomped. Its simply in our DNA.
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