When you think of Wuthering Heights, and you've actually read the book, you probably tend to think of darker themes: pride, anger, loss, tragedy, and the human spirit's capacity for abuse, destructiveness, bitterness and remorse. Somewhere in there is the passion of young, troubled love, but it's certainly not something to base an entire film adaptation on, right?


Producer Kevin Loader is out to screw with classic British literature in an effort to capitalize on the current teenage fascination with Robert Pattinson's eyes, Kristen Stewart's pouty chin, and Taylor Lautner's abs.

According to Deadline Hollywood Loader plans to make the movie "a Twilight story of forbidden teenage love with a cast of unknowns" in hopes that it will capture a younger audience. Um, he does know that the gothic style of the book isn't the same as goth today, right? I can hear high school English teachers grinding their teeth already.

If I remember correctly, Wuthering Heights is a story where people talk and think, something that the Twilight stories never managed very well. I know you fans of the books and movies are going to cry foul on that, but as upset as you might be, can you honestly say I'm wrong? How many takes do you think it took for the actors to be able to say some of those lines with a straight face?

Of course it doesn't help that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer knit Wuthering Heights into her books, comparing Edward and Bella to Heathcliff and Catherine. If that inspired at least one teenager to actually read Wuthering Heights that's great, but it's no excuse to try and turn Heathcliff and Catherine into Gossip Girl refugees.

Loader and his current director Andrea Arnold (who is apparently the third director so far on this project) have yet to find their goth heart-throb dopplegangers to play Heathcliff and Catherine, which seems odd given that the movie apparently starts filming in less than two months. Can you pout your lips or do you have great abs? Send in your resume!

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