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It seems a little premature talking about the DVD release of a summer blockbuster when said tentpole film is still in theaters and can be enjoyed on the big screen, where the director intended audiences to see it. But Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men prequel First Class connected with the Marvel mutant fan base, and they’ll likely be excited by the extras we are hearing will be included on the pending Blu-ray and DVD version when it finally hits streets.

There will be 13 deleted scenes on the First Class DVD, according to the BBFC’s site (and shared through Bleeding Cool News). Just don’t expect a lot more insight into the finished product, as the site says all 13, collectively, will run just under 14 minutes. Brendon Connelly, who spoke with Vaughn at the time of the film’s release about cut footage, speculates that most of the scenes would revolve around Rose Byrne’s character Moira MacTaggart, beefing up the work she did as part of the CIA and expanding on her relationship with James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier.

No offense to Byrne and McAvoy, both of whom were excellent in their respective parts, but if I had to single out two characters from Vaughn’s prequel I’d love to see more of, it would be Fassbender’s brooding Magneto and Kevin Bacon’s lusciously evil Sebastian Shaw. And every Bacon clip would involve him speaking German and eating chocolate. I’m buying it, no matter what. But I’m holding out hope that out of the 13 deleted scenes on the DVD, we’ll get at least one chocolate Bacon.

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