The Adjustment Bureau
It may be the highest grossing film on this list, having made $127 million worldwide, but starring Matt Damon and featuring an irresistible sci-fi premise, it should have made a lot more. The crackling chemistry between Damon and Emily Blunt should be reason enough to revisit this one, as watching Damon's character literally fight the forces of fate in order to be with her feels like a worthy battle the minute you see them swap quips in the bathroom at the Waldorf Astoria. He's a young congressman with ambitions toward the Senate, she's a dancer with a quick wit and free spirit, and their match seems perfect to everybody except the Adjustment Bureau, a mysterious, fate-altering group of men in sharp fedoras to intervene and make sure Blunt and Damon can't be together. George Nolfi, making a strong directorial debut, gives the film a sharp and distinctive look, and even when the third act gets into what might feel like spiritual mumbo-jumbo, Nolfi, Damon and Blunt-- with excellent supporting work from Anthony Mackie-- sell the hell out of it. It's not an action-fueled Bourne movie, and maybe that's why not enough people saw it, but its thrilling scenes aside, it might be the year's best romance too.

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