2 Days in New York
A follow-up to 2 Days In Paris, Julie Delpy once again enlists her wild and wooly, real-life French family for another comedy of clashing cultures, this time with Chris Rock as a perfect foil to all of the madness. It operates at the pace of a farce, with people crammed into this tiny apartment and screaming at each other in way too many languages, but contains some lovely insights about the way families work, the way couples deal with what seem like insurmountable differences, and how the chaos of life in New York can be beautiful in its own way.

Jeff Who Lives At Home
Ed Helms made this list last year for his endearing comedy Cedar Rapids, and now he's in a similar position, turning in a terrific performance in a non-Hangover movie that nobody seems ready to acknowledge. Directed by brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, this story about a pair of brothers is as heartfelt as you might think, with Segel playing the endearingly dippy, titular Jeff, who follows signs for the universe into an accidental adventure on the same day his brother (Helms) is going through a crisis of his own. Add a lovely subplot for Susan Sarandon as their mom, and it's a goofy but deeply sweet movie that ought to appeal to just about any audience.

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