Of all the films on this list, Lawless might be the most inexplicably ignored. It's got one of the best casts of the entire year, with a whole slew of actors-- Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Jason Clarke, Dane DeHaan-- currently breaking out like never before, and John Hillcoat's elegant direction really putting you in the world of Appalachian bootleggers during Prohibition. Lawless is violent and beautiful and impeccably acted, and it completely bombed when it opened in August. Now's the time to fix that.

Save The Date
Nearly a year after it first debuted at Sundance, this winsome romantic comedy just opened in theaters, but it's been quietly on VOD for months. With tons of young actors everybody adores, plus Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie as a perfectly matched pair of sisters, it's an enjoyable little story to follow, while also slyly twisting your usual rom-com genre expectations. It's just the second feature from director Michael Mohan, and a strong sign of what could be a great career to come.

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