Still think Seann William Scott is just the doofy idiot from the American Pie movies? You owe both him and yourself a viewing of Goon, the comedy set in the world of hockey that we promise is still open to anyone who doesn't know a goalie from a Zamboni. Scott takes his natural down-to-earth charm and uses them to play a guy who's not that smart-- he doesn't even know the rules of hockey when he's hired as the "goon," or brawler-- but who finds himself by punching dudes in the face on the ice. Extra points for Liev Schreiber's appearance as a veteran goon, with a pitch-perfect Canadian accent.

David Cronenberg's truly bizarre, alienating film isn't for everyone, but its pitiful $763,000 box office take is proof that even the art house crowds who would embrace it haven't bothered to see it. Give it a shot for the sake of seeing Robert Pattinson put his vampire blankness to good use, for surreal moments of random violence, for the most uncomfortable prostate exam ever put to film (is there such a thing as a comfortable one?)

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