Warner Bros. is working on a live action version of Jonny Quest. That’s an idea that should go over just about as well as Speed Racer did, unless of course they cast a really big name to carry the pic. And hey, it sounds like that’s just what Warner Bros. is trying to get.

Moviehole reports that WB may cast Zac Efron to play Jonny Quest, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to play the Quest team’s designated heavy Race Bannon. Purists should have no problem with Rock, he’s the right build and he’s the kind of box office draw which Speed Racer didn’t have. Efron though, is likely to put fans in an uproar.

In the original Jonny Quest cartoons, Jonny is a kid. Age 12. Zac Efron is 22. But he’s a big star, courtesy of the High School Musical franchise. Like The Rock, he’ll bring in a crowd and it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. might want a big name rather than some unknown, 12-year-old kid. Besides, Efron can pass for at least 16 or 17. That’ll have to be close enough.

Directing the movie, according to IESB may be Andy Fickman. He’s just finished directing The Rock’s lastest movie, Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain.

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