When you hear a title like Die In A Gunfight, one doesn't automatically jump to stuffy period piece, but alas, the world isn't ready to see Zac Efron mow people down like a feather-haired Stallone. They are apparently ready for another stuffy period piece though. Maybe.

According to Deadline, Efron has signed on to star in Die In A Gunfight. Media Rights Capital is currently bidding on the script written by newcomers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari. Now, here's where the confusion comes in.

Based on the following plot description I found, I strongly suspect this film is a period piece: a fight-prone and death-obsessed young society man pursues a romance with the daughter of his father's enemy. That has seventeen or eighteen hundreds written all over it, right?

Here's an alternate plot description my boss found: a young New York kid falls in love with the daughter of his father's nemesis, setting in motion a Romeo and Juliet-like forbidden romance. That one also calls the script “high octane action”. Could this be the Stallone-like movie I joked about in the first paragraph? Could it not be a period piece at all?

The truth is I have no idea what the hell to expect, but it does exist and seems to be happening. That's something, right?

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