Zac Efron’s casting as Jonny Quest seems to have been confirmed. Remember a few weeks ago when he passed on Footloose to become a serious actor? Yeah Zac, this kind of a lateral move.

The news first broke several weeks ago over at Moviehole and now it’s been confirmed by the LA Times. They say Efron is a lock, to star as Jonny opposite Dwayne Johnson as Race Bannon. More proof that the world absolutely will not survive without corporate controlled print media… confirming the same stories already reported by independent, online media.

They do add a rather weird twist to their take on the story though. Apparently Warner Bros. is considering ditching the Jonny Quest name altogether out of fears that the classic animation roots may somehow cause audiences to associate it with their awful Speed Racer film. This, makes absolutely no sense. If you’re not going to call it Jonny Quest, why bother to make it? Isn’t the whole point in snatching up these classic animated franchises to cash in on their name recognition? Otherwise, why bother? It’s not like Jonny Quest is some Shakespearean masterpiece demanding Hollywood adaptation. If that’s really how they feel about it, the better course of action is probably not to make it at all.

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