Does anyone remember when Angelina Jolie and Jack Black were doing press for Kung Fu Panda and he accidentally broke the news to The Today Show that she was having twins? Such is the awkward danger of doing press interviews with a co-star-- they inevitable know more about your life than you want the press to know, but might have no idea what's OK to share. THe same fate has befallen Zach Galifianakis, now, and save your jokes about his potbelly meaning he's pregnant with twins-- this time the news is about casting, not spawn.

Doing an on-camera interview with E! Online, Robert Downey Jr. gestured to his co-star and said he was "doing a few days on the Muppet movie." Galifianakis sat there kind of stunned and didn't say a word, clearly not having the permission to break the news, but Downey Jr. didn't seem to notice. EW got on the horn with Galifianakis' manager, who told them he's "talking about it," but now that the news has leaked you have to pretty much expect he'll follow through. After all when news of an actor appearing in an upcoming comedy leaks online, the production has to make sure the appearance goes through. Oh, wait.

Even if Galifianakis doesn't wind up on board, the untitled Muppet movie is something to look forward to, written by and starring Jason Segel and also featuring Rashida Jones, Chris Cooper and Amy Adams. Disney has also gotten the master storytellers at Pixar in on the story-writing process, which makes it even more of a guarantee that the first live-action Muppet movie since 1996 will be a worth addition to the Jim Henson legacy. Galifianakis would just be an added bonus, and hopefully this information leaking doesn't make it any less likely to happen.

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