Poor Zack Snyder is out there right now just trying to promote his new film Sucker Punch, but inevitably any time he sits down with a journalist the conversation turns to Superman. Snyder has done a good job keeping mum about details for his upcoming reboot of the superhero story, but he did manage to at least do some damage control on a rumor that was already out there. Talking to Latino Review, Snyder confirmed that Viggo Mortensen will not be appearing in the film as General Zod, contrary to a rumor that surfaced in late February.

Even at the time the story was that Mortensen would likely have to turn down the role thanks to his commitment to Snow White and the Huntsman at Universal; while Snyder made no mention of that, he told LR "Viggo is not going to be in the movie let’s say that right now." Even if it's just to refute a rumor that didn't seem all that likely to begin with-- we're not even sure that Zod is in the movie, much less who will play him-- it's nice to see Snyder actually able to say anything about the film. Once Sucker Punch opens on Friday he'll be able to carry on in post-production in peace, and despite all of our best efforts to catch him at a junket, that's probably when the real Superman news will start coming out.

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