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As of today, the Superman reboot has a script, a director and a confirmed villain (not bad considering this morning we only had one of the three). The big story that remains, of course, is who will be donning the cape. As we've previously reported, Brandon Routh, who played the role in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, has developed quite a heavy fan-base and would love to take on the role again. Sadly, it seems like it's not meant to be. Variety spoke with Zack Snyder today about accepting the job of director, and he let loose a detail that is going to disappoint a lot of fans. According to the article, Snyder has said it "isn't likely" that Routh will play the role again in the Christopher Nolan produced film.

Say what you will about Superman Returns, but Brandon Routh was not the problem. There are few actors out there that have that Christopher Reeve-like appearance, and Routh nailed it. It's pretty obvious that the choice is being made so that people won't associate the films, but it's a shame. Looking on the positive side, Snyder said he turned down the job two weeks before he accepted it. Maybe they're just pulling the ol' bait and switch again (I'm delusional).

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