Renee Zellweger appears in this weekend’s Leatherheads which means you can expect to hear lots of comments about her scrunchy face as she makes the press rounds. It doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon either. The actress has been working steadily for longer than anyone who starred in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel deserves.

Zellweger owes a lot of her career’s success to the character of Bridget Jones, a character the actress told Stuff she’d like to revisit again. "If it worked into my life and if it was worthwhile and was interesting I would do it.”Zellweger wisely added, ”It rather depends on there being another book, of course.” That’s right. Let the book come first. None of this Jack Ryan bull for Bridget Jones.

The actress even has an idea about where she’d like to see the character go: ”I would love her to go to Los Angeles and have a baby. The hilarity in that would be boundless!” Um… sure. Now I’m definitely glad Zellweger wants there to be another book before another movie is made.

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