If you've been following the press coverage of this weekend's Zombieland, you've probably heard about how the film originated as a TV pilot written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, a pilot deemed too expensive for television and eventually spun into a feature film, which Ruben Fleischer signed on to direct and became one of the funniest movies of the year.

But you know what happens when an idea starts off as a TV show, right? Lots and lots of ideas that can't fit into a feature running time. And you know what that means: sequel! The ending of Zombieland suggests that a sequel would be welcome if anyone were crazy enough to finance it, and apparently the people involved in making one would be all about one as well.

"I love the possibility that there might be another movie," Fleischer told me when we spoke at the press day last week. "It would be fun to see what these guys get up to next." Fleischer, who made his feature directing debut with Zombieland after a career in music videos, swears up and down that he has nothing planned after this movie, so it's very possible that his schedule would be open enough to accommodate a sequel.

As for the lead actors, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, the press conference with them was so full of sarcasm that it's impossible to know what they really meant, but here's an on-the-record quote from Eisenberg: "Yeah, I think we should do a sequel." Of course, then he followed it up with this: "Ruben's filming Avatar right now, so I don't think we can get him back."

Harrelson probably had the most level-headed advice of all: "I think one key thing for when they want to do a sequel is that the movie is successful. Since this once hasn't even opened, I don't think they're going to talk about sequel yet." I'd bet a lot of money that someone in the studio is talking sequel right now, but we'll have to wait until next Monday's box office receipts to get any of that on the record.

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