When Zombieland became a huge hit last fall, director Ruben Fleischer had at least one guaranteed job lined up next-- directing Zombieland 2. But much as Marc Webb got handed his own giant franchise after the success of (500) Days of Summer (that would be Spider-Man), Fleischer apparently has also been considered for a gigantic sequel. And he turned it down.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Fleischer's name has been mentioned in connection to Mission: Impossible 4, which J.J. Abrams will be producing but not directing. But what Fleischer is really interested in is 30 Minutes or Less, a pizza delivery guy caper comedy that will star Danny McBride. Matthew Sullivan and Michael Diliberti wrote the script that has been picked up by Sony, which, of course, also distributed Zombieland.

Can we all just agree that we'd see pretty much whatever Fleischer wants to make next, whether it's a random comedy or some giant blockbuster? I would wonder how equipped Fleischer would be to handle something as big as M:I 4, where as a smaller action comedy like 30 Minutes or Less would allow him to retain more of the style we all loved in Zombieland. I'm mainly wondering what kind of cojones it is taking to turn down a gigantic tentpole in favor or something weirder.

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