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Normally October is the season to dread horror movies, assuming that whatever comes out is just there to cash in on teens looking for Halloween scares. But based on a script review over at Corona Coming Attractions, October 9th's Zombieland might actually be something to look forward to. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson as two survivors of the zombie apocalypse, Zombieland apparently proves that Shaun of the Dead didn't close the book on zombie humor.

It's worth reading the entire review for yourself, and only after checking out the killer trailer. The reviewer points out that a number of changes have been made from the script he read, including the characters' names, but the basic idea seems to be intact. And otherwise, the reviewer stays away from too many details, with an apt metaphor as explanation: "Look, just imagine it this way: you really didn't want to know that there was a 40-foot tall Stay-Puft marshmallow man at the end of Ghostbusters. The same rule applies here."

Check out the entire review, though, for a few more reasons that Zombieland is probably something worth looking forward to. Because really, have the undead ever really stopped being funny?

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