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Remember how the biggest problem with Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was that he wasn't nearly as funny as both Ryan Reynolds and the character ought to be? Well how about putting some of Columbus or Tallahasse's lines into his mouth? The news from a few months ago has finally been confirmed: Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the pair of writers responsible for this fall's wonderful Zombieland, have been hired to write the Deadpool spinoff movie.

According to Variety that still doesn't mean there's a timetable for when the movie will go into production, though they point out that Reynolds won't be busy after he wraps The Green Lantern this summer (yes, production on that is finally starting), and he'll already have the abs ready, so...

It's obviously great, great news that Wernick and Reese are not only snagging a high-profile gig as a reward for Zombieland's excellence, but they're being paired with a superhero property that seems well-suited to their apparent smart-alecky style. The only downside to this would be a delay in a potential Zombieland sequel, but that's a small price to pay for a Deadpool movie that's actually worth watching.

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