During the first couple of seasons for The Office, back when I was still totally head over heels in love with her, this trailer for A Little Help represents the sort of movie it seemed Jenna Fischer would be doing soon. Then she’d catch fire before launching into an even bigger movie career, maybe becoming the next Julia Roberts. She ended up doing bit roles in mediocre comedies or horror flicks instead.

Now The Office isn’t as fun as it once was. Her character on the show is a little less cute and a lot less fun, and the bright and shining career which seemed inevitable for nearly everyone on The Office from Merdith to Oscar to Kevin is definitely not going to happen. But Jenna finally has a starring role in what could be the right kind of feature film. Better late than never.

Here’s the first trailer for A Little Help in which Jenna Fischer quickly ditches Chris O’Donnell and gets down to the business of being flat out Jenna-cute.

And as long as you’re here, check out A Little Help’s first poster. Click the image below to see it bigger.

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