Now this is totally awesome. Who of us watched Pixar’s Up and thought it was bullshit? There’s no way a house would fly simply by tying some helium-filled balloons to it, right? WRONG! A new series on National Geographic called How Hard Can It Be has built a house, strapped 300 balloons to it, and waited to see what happened. And guess what--IT FLEW!

There are a few major differences, the first of course being that the house is not nearly as big as Carl’s house in Up, its only a 16’x16’ mock up. But it stands to reason that if it can be done on a small scale, you could add more balloons and lift off anything, it just becomes a little less safe. The next big difference is how the balloons are attached. Carl simply released the balloons up his chimney, but the Nat Geo guys cut a big hole in the roof to make room for all the strings.

Next you’ll notice the scale of the balloons, which is kind of obvious. The balloons used in the film are simply circus balloons while these balloons are built to withstand a bit more of a beating and are over 8 feet tall. Lastly, and this is the most awesome thing they could have done but didn’t, they left off the sails that allowed Carl to navigate the winds.

NatGeo’s house soared to a whopping 10,000 feet over the hour it flew before coming back down. That is seriously awesome. Check out more pictures at, scope out the Good Morning America clip of the house in action below, and watch the show when it airs later this year. Simply awesome!

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