Tony Kaye doesn’t work nearly as much as we’d prefer. His tremendous documehtary Laqke of Fire still lingers after its 2006 release, though I haven’t ben able to catch up with his last two efforts, Lobby Lobster or Black Water Transit. So I’m eagerly anticipating Kaye’s Detachment, a drama set in the education field that reaches theaters in 2012. An international trailer has been posted to Trailer Addict. We have it below:

We haven’t had a commendable Stand And Deliver-type teaching drama in years. The closest we’ve come was the sobering Waiting For Superman documentary that shined a blinding light on the discrepancies plaguing our nation’s school system.

Detachment looks like a gritty, art-house Dead Poet’s Society, with Adrien Brody playing a substitute teacher wrestling with his own demons that he tries to leave outside of the classroom (as long as he can). Kaye’s cast of supporting educators is top notch. Lucy Liu, Marcia Gay Harden, James Caan, Tim Blake Nelson, Bythe Danner, Bryan Cranston and Christina Hendricks appear in the clip, giving Detachment plenty of dramatic heft. But the shining stars appear to be the kids who’ll stare down Brody, challenge his beliefs, and – hopefully – make Detachment and unforgettable dramatic feature. Right now, it’s scheduled for a March 2012 release date, but we’ll report more when we find out exactly when it’s opening.

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