When trying to find a cast for your movie it's hard to do better than landing Jeremy Renner, Julianne Moore and Al Pacino in one big grab, but that's exactly what director Dan Fogelman has managed to do for his next project, the music drama Imagine.

The casting news was reported by Deadline, and adds that Fogelman, who wrote last year's Crazy, Stupid, Love, also wrote the script for this new title. Pacino will be playing an aging rock star who has managed to keep his career going through the years, "still packing arenas and living a decadent life with a girlfriend way too yong for him." This changes completely, however, when he finds a long-lost letter that John Lennon wrote to him when he was 19. Unhappy with the way he's been living his life, he works to rediscover what brought him to music in the first place, reconnect with his son (who will be played by Renner). Moore will play a manager at the New Jersey hotel that the main character stays in.

The film will be Fogelman's directorial debut, and apparently it was always meant to be that way. In a statement about the project the established screenwriter said, "Every writer has 'that one project' … the one they feel so strongly about that they can’t bear to turn it over to anyone else. For me, that project is Imagine. It was a career highlight simply to get a script of mine into Al Pacino’s hands. To have him read it, and then want to star in it… it’s five steps past career highlight. And now, to have Julianne Moore and Jeremy join the fray… it’s beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been hiding in my house for the past few weeks… out of fear that someone would pinch me. We are going to make a very special film here."

Fogelman's prevous credits include Cars, Fred Claus, Bolt, and Tangled. His latest work, The Guilt Trip, will be out this December.

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