Let's all agree and just be done with it: The Simpsons isn't the show that it used to be. The series has been in decline since season 10 (coincidentally the year that Brad Bird left the show) and simply isn't as poignant or funny as it used to be. That said, it's also hard to argue against the quality of The Simpsons Movie. Showing Homer as a caring father who simply makes a lot of bad decisions rather than just your run-of-the-mill village idiot, the film capitalized on what we remember the show originally doing so well. Let's hope that they can strike gold twice.

James L. Brooks recently spoke with Coming Soon and revealed that there's a story swirling around for a Simpsons sequel. According to Brooks, who serves as the show's executive producer and wrote/directed How Do You Know?, which comes out next week, the cast and crew is "very open" to the idea of a sequel and have a "beginning notion," but added the caveat that the show will always come first.

Though I've grown weary of the series in recent years, I must say that I actually really like the idea of another movie. Because of how the show is run, if they were to make another film they would have to put in every little bit of energy they have to make it work and that all starts with the script. The key is that they shouldn't rush things and if it takes another seven years - that's how long the development process was for the first film - so be it. The point is, the last thing this world needs is a haphazard Simpsons sequel.

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