Friendly word of warning: Don’t believe anything you read for the next twenty-four hours or so. Check the date on your Hello Kitty desk calendar and you’ll see that it’s April 1st, also known as April Fools Day. In blogging circles its also know as the day we get to say things which aren't true and get away with it day.

We like pranks here at Cinema Blend, but feel weird about foisting fake stories on you ourselves. So rather than inventing our own hilarious tricks, gags, and miscellaneous tom foolery; as we are every year, we’re here to help you wind your way past the dangerous April Fools rocks by exposing the holiday’s silliness and in the process helping you to figure out what’s real, and what’s not.

The year’s biggest day for whoopee cushin sales is only a few hours old and already the jokes are starting to stack up. Consider this page a public service. Below we’ll be listing all of the April 1 movie-related stories which we’ve been able to confirm are nothing more than prankery. So if you’re wondering whether that story you just read about Nic Cage playing Watto in a remake of The Phantom Menace is true or not, you’ll be able to com here and see if we have it on our naughty list.

The following list will be updated with more pranks as they appear, so keep checking back regularly throughout April Fools Day and, if you’ve spotted any we missed, let us know in the comments section below.

April Fools: Confirmed Holiday Lies

Dark Knight Rises opening sequence revealed: Latino Review has a story claiming they know what the opening sequence to The Dark Knight Rises will be. It involves a mid-air escape. They even included a poster...

Hulu time travels to 1996: Hulu has been modified to make it look like the site exists in 1996. Of course this is impossible, since there was no easy way to stream video online like this back in 1996. Back then you were excited just to get your hands on an animated gif.

Alfred Hitchcock brought back from the dead: If only this were true. Geeks of Doom claims Hitch has been turned into a zombie, and that Zombie Hitchcock will now direct a movie version of the popular AMC series The Walking Dead.

Nathan Fillian tweets Castle's cancellation: Fillian's a pretty big joker. This tweet is not to be believed.

Austin solves SXSW overcrowding: Tweeted by @ScottEweinberg this photo showed Austin, TX newspaper The Austin Chronicle's April Fool cover story. Genius...

Twilight cast to reunite for series of movies based off Midnight Sun: Another one from Screenrant in which Summit is going to keep that sweet Twilight money flowing by making a series of movies based off a book which tell the same story all over again.

New Super 8 trailer reveals the monster!: Screenrant has merged the Super 8 trailer with a variety of Bill Murray movies to reveal that the monster of Super 8 is actually... a groundhog! Watch...

Pixar's in-house prankster: Pixar posted this video, telling the story of an employee who quits every year on April 1.

First look at the Space Jockey: The fan site AVP Galaxy posted this piece of artwork, claiming that it's our first look at the Space Jockey from Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus...

Ewok cooking guide: The site Club Jade has a wide assortment of delicious sounding recipes for preparing and cooking Ewoks. I really want to try "Dunc’s Drunken Ewok Fajitas".

Epilogue scene gut from final Harry Potter movie: The fan site Wizarding Life claims WB has decided to cut the end scene showing the Potter kids years later after they've aged. Are we sure this is a bad idea?

Karl Pilkington Gets A Hair Transplant: The all important Pilkipedia claims that the host of An Idiot Abroad and the source of their obsession is getting a hair transplant. About time. Head like a fucking orange.

Star Wars Wikia Now In 3D: The entire Star Wars Wikia site is now in 3D. Grab your De-3D glasses.

Pictures replaced with posters for terrible movies: Moviemistakes has something set up which replaces every picture on their site with a poster for something terrible. Gigli or Basic Instinct 2 for instance. The horror.

Trailer for Harry Potter TV Series The Aurors: IGN came up with this idea and, it's actually pretty good. They've also come up with a fake story claiming there's a video game to go with it.

Star Wars Holiday Special Comes To Blu-Ray: claims the long sought after Star Wars holiday special is coming to Blu-ray. George Lucas would never let this happen.

Dance Central: The guys over at Dread Central changed their logo to "Dance Central". This may not be a gag, maybe they just like to dance.

Gandalf Will Be Bald In The Hobbit: Sir Ian McKellen himself actually gets in on the April Fools fun with this post on his official site in which he suggests that Gandalf will now be "as bald as Patrick Stewart."

Lightsaber Popsicles: Another fake ThinkGeek product, though I'm fairly sure these were real at some point. Probably in the 80s.

Toy Story 4: Don't Toy With Me Being Produced In Taiwan: The following creepy video comes from

Disney Enters The Funeral Business, To Infinity And Beyond!: This was worth doing just for the tagline. Thanks Miceage! Is Out Of Business: If you visit Coming Soon you’ll probably see their site covered up with a fairly convincing sign thanking their readers for support and declaring them to be closed, shut down, and dead. It stays that way for a few seconds, but if you stick around the sign will eventually be replaced by an admission that it’s a gag, sponsored by the movie Your Highness.

Indiana Jones Reboot Directed By JJ Abrams: This story at JoBlo obviously isn’t real… yet.

Bloody-Disgusting to Produce Ghostbusters III!: Like everyone the guys at Bloody-Disgusting are tired of waiting around for someone to make Ghostbusters III, so they’re taking matters into their own hands and doing themselves. If only movie sites actually made that much money… I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about April Fools pranks. I could hire some sort of highly intelligent monkey to do it for me.

Pixar Animation Studios will be renamed Disney Animation Studios: Pixar out of business? Complete Disney takeover? Nah, just the jokers at Blue Sky Disney having fun.

De-3D Glasses: If only this were true. ThinkGeek is selling glasses you can wear to convert “standard 3D movies in to relaxing 2D.” Seriously, someone get on this and make these for real.

Armageddon Takeover: The guys at Film School Rejects have dedicated their entire site to the movie Armaggedon. There you’ll see them both confirm and deny an Armageddon sequel, while calling the original a “cinematic orgasm” and the “pinnacle” of filmmaking. Are we sure they’re wrong? Yeah, they’re wrong.

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