It's been 17 years since exercise equipment magnate John Aglialoro paid $1 million for the rights to Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand's totemic novel about capitalism and free will and all that other Ayn Rand stuff. Since then we've seen a whole host of names come and go from the film, with the latest incarnations finding either Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron playing the central character Dagny Taggart.

As right now neither of them-- no stars at all, for that matter-- are still attached, but Aglialoro has decided enough is enough. Deadline reports that he plans to start production on the film on June 11 regardless of which actors are on board, and it will just be the first of four films based on the gigantic book. Stephen Polk, son of former MGM chairman Louis Polk and first-time director, will be directing the whole thing, which normally would be cause for worry but as it is should probably be the least of anyone's concerns.

The one good reason Aglialoro might have for pushing this thing forward is the burgeoning and ongoing Tea Party Movement, which shares a lot of ideals-- fear of government, pride in the individual-- that define Rand's work. Still, if this adaptation of Atlas Shrugged is four hours long, directed by a nobody and starring nobody, not even the fiercest of tea partiers will be bothered to see it. I realize that since Aglialoro is a millionaire and paid a relative pittance for the rights, he can throw money at this as he pleases. But doesn't he even want to try to make a profit?

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