Michel Gondry’s an unconventional talent, in every sense of the word. Case in point: Where other, less-confident filmmakers would release a series of press releases trumpeting their latest move, Gondry lets slip in the middle of a lengthy interview from Cannes that his next major feature will be a French-language film with beautiful pixie Audrey Tautou in the lead.

“I’m doing a lot of short film in different subject. When I wanted to convince [Tautou] to be part of my next project, I did an animation of me asking her with flowers and things, and flying, and sky,” the Eternal Sunshine director told the New York Times from Cannes, where Gondry was serving as president of the short film jury.

Speaking of short, Gondry was short on details, revealing nothing more about their planned collaboration. When will they film it? What will it be about? No idea. The director’s still busy working on an untitled Noam Chomsky documentary, which will use animation as it brings to life interviews Gondry conducted with the philosopher and social activist about linguistics and philosophy, according to the Times. That picture has a 2013 release date.

As for Tautou, the Amelie starlet’s soon to be seen in Jalil Lespert’s mystery Des Vents Contraires, due in theaters this fall. She also has begun production on La délicatesse, a romance co-starring François Damiens that’s based on David Foenkinos’ novel. But any potential partnership for the inventive Gondry and the expressive Tautou immediately lands on our radar and stays there until we learn more about it.

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