With its premiere happening in Los Angeles this week and Robert Downey Jr. possibly revealing a new secret scene shot this week, The Avengers is getting a lot of our attention lately without even showing a single frame of the movie. But hey, you've gotta promote the movie with the movie itself too, and today Yahoo has revealed another new clip from the film, this one showing Thor and Captain America in the heat of battle. Take a look at it below.

We've seen that shot of Thor extending his hand to Cap in several of the previous trailers, and I've always liked that small moment-- it seems to say a lot about what the film will be showing about putting a team together and learning to be a family, even when one of you is a poor kid from Brooklyn genetically engineered to be a super-soldier, and the other is a demigod raised in luxury on Asgard. In some alternate universe where Marvel movies can be whatever they want to be, Cap and Thor are starring in a remake of The Odd Couple. They love each other and drive each other crazy!

Nearly everyone who saw The Avengers in LA this week has been raving about it, though in the kind of tight-lipped, no spoilers way that just makes the rest of us insanely curious. But at this point we probably won't have any more mysteries answered until it's time for the movie to open, since we've got just three weeks left to go. The Avengers, as you surely know by now, opens May 4.

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