Batman Superman jerseys

We already know that Zack Snyder plans to shoot scenes for his untitled Batman-Superman movie this weekend at a football game between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley College, where the stadium will be transformed into Gotham City University. And now we know what the players on the field will be wearing as Gotham takes on Metropolis. gets the scoop on the above football jerseys that will represent the proud DC cities. The site also reports that Snyder only plans to film for 20 minutes at Weingart Stadium in California, so don’t expect to see a scene that’s anywhere near as elaborate as the one Christopher Nolan dropped into The Dark Knight Rises:

Also, from the looks of it, Gotham has maintained its color scheme of black-and-gold, but might be ditching the Gotham Rogues nickname. I do like the wholesome, clean, red-on-white colors of Metropolis. Weave a little blue in there, and it’s the fill-blown Americana that goes with Superman, Metropolis and American pie. Gotham, however, keeps its dark, shadowy color scheme … even when it comes to their professional teams.

Here’s a better look at both team jerseys.

Batman Superman jerseys

Batman Superman jerseys

I do find it interesting that Snyder is shooting such a small scene. What could he be getting in 20 minutes of filming? Enough to ensure one shot in a possible montage? From what we have heard, cast members from the planned sequel aren’t expected to attend the filming. We haven’t even heard much about a finished script for the movie, though Snyder must need this shot for something important. We’ll find out in 2015.

In the meantime, this is the type of coverage we can expect about Batman-Superman. The jerseys worn by football players in a scene that might amount to 5 seconds of screen time gets heavy coverage. It’s a superhero world, folks. Make yourselves comfortable.

Oh, but if Warner Bros. were to make these available in an online store this weekend, I’d gladly buy one of each.

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