If there is one "most talked about" film this year...well, it’s Tron: Legacy, but second most talked about is definitely Darren Aronofsky’s psychological opus Black Swan. Since its big screen premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, there’s been no doubt that Black Swan would make its way out of limited release to more theaters, but no one knew when...until now.

The festival darling opened limited last weekend to rave reviews and a per-screen average that set a studio record for Fox Searchlight. With that in mind they've decided to give the film a wide release, opening it in 1,000 theaters across the country on December 22nd, according to ComingSoon. Usually we would say this wasn’t a smart move based on the high-level competition hitting that weekend--True Grit hits the same day, and Tron will be entering its second weekend--but the vacation week for students and families leave plenty of time to get your butt to the theater and make a day of it all.

To help promote the release, Glamour has a new international poster for Black Swan which again follows the beautiful and unsettling trend the extensive amount of other posters have followed. Check it out below.

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