Pretentious dicks say art takes any canvas it chooses; well, the Blendcast goes however the hell long it wants to. You can’t put a time limit on greatness, and while this week’s episode may not be in line with Joltin’ Joe, it certainly soars to the modest heights of his brother Dom. Let’s take a second to celebrate that feat.

On the episode below, G.I. Joe is cautiously recommended, critical darling The Hurt Locker is taken to task for a modicum of holes and last weekend’s music extravaganza Lollapalooza is reviewed. Brian talks about going to The World Series Of Beer Pong, Trevor vividly recalls the pilot to Captain Planet and Mack discusses his 50 dollar best-out-of-ten Monopoly wager with his roommate. Yes, the seventh Blendcast has it all. That hitchhiker from There’s Something About Mary would like it. Seven chipmunks twirling on a branch, eating lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch. You know that old children’s tale from the sea.

Warning! This week’s Blendcast contains odorous musings on many of your favorite things. These aforementioned musings frequently contain f-bombs, which may or may not offend some of you shy sons of bitches. If you’re in doubt, listen and send hatemail.

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