Ooh geeks, prepare to flip out. The girl who was almost Black Widow will still get a chance to go a little dorky. Emily Blunt will play the female lead in The Adjustment Bureau, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story that stars Matt Damon as a congressman thrown into turmoil due to a series of weird events. Blunt will play a ballerina, according to Variety, who somehow gets thrown in the man's path.

There are precious few other details available much anywhere about the story, so I'm relying on Dick fans to let me know if this is a good role for Blunt. It sounds great on paper, and I'm always happy to see her getting more roles, since that giant breakout part still hasn't happened yet. Not sure if a sci-fi ballerina will be the one to do it, but Philip K. Dick has made stranger things happen.

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