Most people are pretty excited for the Hangover Part II's release this week, but it’s worth remembering 2011 was also the year Hangover star Bradley Cooper carried his own film. The title in comment is Limitless, a high-paced action thriller that will be hitting Blu-Ray and DVD on July 29.

In Limitless, Bradley Cooper stars as Eddie Morra, a writer who unlocks all of his brain’s capabilities after taking one hyper-advanced pill. Bradley Cooper knows what that must feel like. I don't, but I would imagine the increased neuron firings would lead to happy endings, moral crusades, boredom and maybe even an internal implosion. One of those is less likely, maybe.

There might be ramifications for taking excessive drugs, but there are never ramifications for checking out excessive features. The Blu-Ray and DVD copies of Limitless are chock full of ‘em. While the Blu-Ray will come with a digital copy, all other features on Blu-Ray and DVD will be the same. Probably most importantly, an unrated extended cut will be included with the theatrical ending. A featurette titled “A Man Without Limits” and a “Making of” segment will also be added. Finally, an alternate ending will be available. So, if Eddie Morra’s resolution isn’t savvy with you, there’s still hope you might get that drummer from Spinal Tap implosion.

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