Brian Grazer, like pretty much most parents in America, has a son who's a big fan of Cleveland Cavaliers player LeBron James. But unlike everyone else, Grazer is a major Hollywood producer, so when his son wanted to meet his favorite player, Grazer just arranged the meeting with a guy, and then built an entire movie around him.

Grazer's Imagine Entertainment and Universal will produce Fantasy Basketball Camp, a movie in which James will play himself as the head of a basketball camp for adults, where he not only teaches the campers, but gets involved in their personal lives as well. Grazer told Variety, "I felt that beyond being one of the world's great superstar athletes, here was someone so relaxed and comfortable with himself that he would have the capability to be that way onscreen. Later, when I watched him host 'Saturday Night Live,' and saw his advertising work, it was clear he can do this."

We'll actually have a chance to gauge James' on-screen presence in the upcoming documentary More Than A Game, which follows James and five of his high school basketball teammates and comes October 2. Even if James isn't a natural born actor, he seems like he has the star charisma that will make him perfectly capable of playing himself.

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