If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen your friends in a few weeks, the answer is probably Call of Duty 2. The latest installment in Activision’s game franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, has been flying off shelves at a record pace, garnering critical raves, and destroying marriages all across America. And it’s not just the ability to shoot people in the head that has gamers so hooked. A big part of why Call of Duty works so well is story.

In fact the game is so cinematic in it storytelling, that one of the guy responsible for making it will get a shot at an actual movie. Variety says Call of Duty director Keith Arem is set to make his feature debut on a movie called Frost Road.

The project is an action-thriller about a young man who awakens from a car wreck to discover he’s one of the few survivors of a devastating outbreak which has hit a small East Coast town. He’s immune and so he sets about trying to save people and keep the contagion from spreading and wiping out humanity on a global scale.

Alright so it’s another scary outbreak movie. Yeah we’ve seen these before. But Arem wrote the script in addition to directing. If you’re a Call of Duty fan you have to have faith that he’s come up with something beyond the standard stop the scary disease movie.

What’s sort of strange is that somewhere out there Activision is supposed to be planning an actual Call of Duty movie. You’d think that if Arem is really such a talented dude, he’d be a front runner for that job, rather than letting him shuffle off to do some generic thriller. Or maybe this will end up being his audition for a more high profile gig like a Call of Duty movie is certain to be. Do well on Frost Road and maybe we’ll see Arem directing Call of Duty: The Movie too.

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