Allow me to digress for a moment into celebrity gossip, and two women who seem to find themselves there no matter how much they try to keep out of the headlines: Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Both rose to fame in the mid to late 90s for their comedic performances, both have been perceived as sex symbols at one point or another, and both have dated a string of famous men in relationships that never seem to work out (say what you will about Diaz and A-Rod, but… yeah, that doesn't seem like a keeper to me). But despite their relatively similar dating histories, Aniston has been painted for years now as a lonely spinster, going through a string of unsatisfying relationships and wishing fervently for a baby even well into her 40s; Diaz, on the other hand, gets to go surfing with Justin Timberlake and feed A-Rod popcorn at the Super Bowl, and no one seems all that worried about her life choices.

I thought about this contrast between two very funny and talented actresses today when reading the news at Deadline that Diaz will star in What To Expect When You're Expecting, an adaptation that will translate the classic advice book as a Love Actually-type romantic comedy about 5 couples anticipating a child. Diaz is a perfectly logical choice to headline-- bankable star, familiar to rom-com audiences, talented, etc.-- but I was just trying to imagine what would happen if Aniston-- poor lonely Jen!-- were to take the same part. The tabloids would go nuts. She'd probably avoid it entirely. Hell, she got that kind of tabloid speculation when she starred in the baby-themed The Switch last year, and nobody even saw that movie.

Of course, now that I've said all of that, Aniston will probably sign on for another role in the film tomorrow- she starred in the similar He's Just Not That Into You, after all, and in a story line about a woman trying to get a man to commit that some idiot tabloid probably compared to her relationship with John Mayer. Diaz, on the other hand, can star in What To Expect with nobody commenting on her playing a pregnant woman when she's never been pregnant herself. She manages to walk above the fray in a way not many actresses can, and popcorn-feeding moments aside, you've gotta admire that skill.

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