Catherine Hardwicke certainly has found her niche in young adult romance/horror as she moved from Twilight to the super Twilighty Red Riding Hood, and now she’s tackling The Maze Runner, which she’ll be adapting from the James Dashner novel, according to The Wrap.

The film follows Thomas, a young boy who wakes up in “The Glade” with no memories beyond his first name. The mysterious area is filled with other boys and is surrounded by stone walls built to keep out the Grievers - monsters who dwell in the Maze outside the walls. As the boys venture daily into the Maze in search of an exit, a girl appears in the Glade and warns of the end times.

The idea actually has intrigued me enough to want to pick up the book, but I can already see the imminent love story between Thomas and the girl overshadowing all the other story elements once Hardwicke gets a hold of it. Twilight took what I’m told is a well told love story and amplified it beyond ridiculousness, and it seems she’s taken the same approach to Red Riding Hood, making it merely a story about two boys interested in one girl who will have to choose, rather than about the beast tormenting their town.

The Maze Runner seems so far to have a bit less room for that to happen, but, knowing Hardwicke, we may see some changes to the source material. It's the first in a trilogy of novels, but undoubtedly 20th Century Fox is going to wait to see the receipts from this first installment before they greenlight the other two.

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