Jesse Peretz's My Idiot Brother was one of the big hits at Sundance-- such a big hit that I never managed to see it, meaning I'll be waiting for the Weinstein Company to release it along with everybody else. And such a big hit that Peretz is already getting to move forward on his next project, another drama-tinged comedy titled What's This S%^@ Called Love that might reunite Being John Malkovich co-stars Catherine Keener and John Malkovich for the first time since that 1999 film.

In the 1980s-set film the two would be playing the open-minded parents of a teenage boy who wants to quietly come out of the closet, except that his parents are hell-bent on publicly celebrating his newfound sexuality. Peretz told The LA Times that the movie might have some similarities to Noah Baumbach's 80s-set film The Squid and the Whale, "but maybe a little more positive." The financing and scheduling has yet to come together, but if My Idiot Brother does as well with general audiences as it did at Sundance, it might not be so hard for Peretz to get this one going, and bring us the Keener and Malkovich reunion we didn't know we wanted but will look forward to anyway.

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