For those of you looking for a bit of insight into the career of director Wes Craven, I invite you to read this article over at the LA Times. But if you don’t care what the 70-year-old film maker has to say about his first few films and have it rubbed in your face that you don’t live in LA and can’t attend director-hosted screenings, simply stick around and let us feed you the good stuff.

Scream 4 has been slowly picking up speed for the past few months, first by signing Courtney Cox and beau David Arquette, followed by Neve Campbell returning to confirm Wes Craven will be in the director’s chair, and most recently announced by the screenwriter Kevin Williamson that by some twist of fate this will be a horror movie that won’t be cheapened by shoddy 3D. All of this brings hope for Craven’s upcoming trilogy.

The Times announced in rather lackluster fashion that the veritable horror god would be shooting Scream 4 in May, having just wrapped up My Soul to Take to be released later this year. Presumably, the producers are still working out a schedule so there’s no telling when they’ll wrap principal photography, but expect to see this sequel drop early next year.

Craven has never been a “can do no wrong” type of guy, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting some gems on the shelves at Blockbuster. What’s to say he can’t keep doing it even in old age?

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