Bullying is a hot topic these days, with much public debate on subjects like Facebook harassment and teen suicides. The problem isn't going anywhere and there are no easy answers on how to resolve the problem. Or are there? Surely, if such an answer exists, one man, and one man alone, would hold that knowledge. That man is Danny McBride, and his answer seems to be "take the piss out of it."

According to THR, that's the idea behind Bullies, a new Mandate Pictures comedy based on an idea by McBride. That idea was expanded into a full script by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul, two of the dudes behind the new Fox animated comedy Allen Gregory (which you can find Kelly's thoughts on right here). Manning the helm will be commercials director Randy Krallman, making his feature film debut.

So what is Bullies' take on the whole bullying phenomenon? Apparently it's about two asshole brothers who have spent their lives picking on people, only to finally have comeuppance head their way. McBride will be producing, alongside his partners from Rough House Pictures, David Gordon Green and Matt Reilly, who told THR that, "This is one of the most audacious scripts in years. Not only is it is absolutely hilarious, but it also tackles a topical, relevant issue in a fun, smart, and provocative way."

There's no word on casting yet, but it wouldn't be hard to picture McBride in the role of a grown-up bully. He's a master at playing obnoxious characters that you'd like to see socked in the jaw a couple of times. Assuming McBride does wind up as one of the bully brothers, who would you like to see as his brother-in-douchebaggery?

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