The main problem with viral campaigns is you have to put in work and decipher a bunch of clues. That may sound like a great time for some, but others just want to find out everything you need to know while actually watching the movie. As someone initially taken in by the mysteries surrounding the pre-release of Super 8, and the resulting unsatisfying hunt to unravel the secrets surrounding J.J. Abrams' recent flick (here's the secret, there isn't one), I am ever skeptical to engage in the campaigns. The Dark Knight Rises's viral has been a bit of a change. It doesn't seem like everything is being pushed in your face (Prometheus) and the materials themselves are either interesting companion pieces or big announcements (like the hunt for the TDKR trailer frames). Today's news, courtesy of the film's Mountain Dew crossover site and ComicBookMovie, comes from a few pages of the latest issue of "The Gotham Observer." Click on the images to enlarge.

The paper does a good job of setting up some of the events that we've seen in the trailer, like Harvey Dent Day, as well as slyly (or not so slyly) hinting at the presence of TDKR's central villains (and one thieving feline, anti-heroine). There's also an advertisement, with website, for a personal security film called Rykin Data and there you will find a patent for some kind of information monitoring device (perhaps not unlike the tech used by Bats and Lucius is the second flick). In addition to reading these promo pages from 'The Observer," you can explore other aspects of the viral so far by browsing Dew Gotham City, including a letter from the mayor enacting the 'Harvey Dent Act' which kind of sounds like martial law. The really need that Dark Knight to Rise already.

My scouring is done, happy hunting. Oh, but I do suggest reading the horoscopes, especially the entry for Pisces.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012. More information on the film can be fond in our Blend Film Database

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